Native speaker wanted

Posted by: Maren

Native speaker wanted - 12/31/15 06:36 PM

Hello smile

I am looking for a native speaker who would be so kind to go through my page and correct my English.


Posted by: cocovelo88

Re: Native speaker wanted - 10/04/16 12:26 PM

i am not going to give you a fish but teach you how to fish

do use Google translator
it is pretty precise, i even use it to translate CHINESE into various languages
not very precise with Chinese but does give you a rough idea about general meaning

Above All, NO NEED TO WRITE perfectly, just try to make yourself understand, use baby language like I do
Posted by: Keine Ahnung

Re: Native speaker wanted - 10/06/16 05:41 PM

I believe that the thread starter is in demand of a "good translation". A translation, which just "can be understood" might be provided by Google Translator. However, a translation, which e.g. can be used as newspaper article, would require more fine tuning. Since I am not a native English speaker, I would not be able to produce "perfect translations" ... and my English is quite o.k.