Culture Exchange & Bike4Peace - The Movie

Posted by: _alexandros_

Culture Exchange & Bike4Peace - The Movie - 06/24/15 11:21 AM

Hi guys around the globe.

The following movie (52 minutes) is not just about cycling.
It shoes the effects of your own behave. If you are nice, people will be nice to you.

Anna Powdrill, one of the founders of Culture Exchange Novi Sad in Serbia and since a few month also with a location in Graz, Austria - joined me (or I joined her) on a bike trip through Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia and Austria. From Culture Exchange to Culture Exchange, what means from Novi Sad in Serbia to Graz in Austria.

We had a lot of material with the goPro III and I added my way to Belgrade by train, which was a pretty hard (emotional) situation, because you will see in the movie the situation on the border of Greece and Macedonia.

We are ready for feedback and if you want, contact us - we are open for sustainable projects, for bike trips and for a good talk with nice people.


Alexandros Tsachouridis