Re: sad day my new wheel arrived damaged

Posted by: Pedro1

Re: sad day my new wheel arrived damaged - 07/03/20 03:13 PM

Well this day has turned out bad really, Bike discount wont give me a replacement.. Also can't get another till they refund the money they already have, Still no reply on my rights if I send back uninsured (bike discounts idea) and its lost or damaged more in post.
Risky :(n
2 whole days trying to contact them, keep getting told they will be in contact, Instagram messaging them to explain the damage and supplying them with photos and video has simply seemed to anoy them.
Disappointed would be an under statement .. all I wanted was a replacement sent out... don't have an issue sending the damaged one back with tracking.. just not insured.. don't want any excuses regarding refund .. no longer know how to deal with this..