Re: Dynamo Voltage (possible) Hazard

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Re: Dynamo Voltage (possible) Hazard - 05/15/20 12:21 AM

As far as I know: A bike dynamo has by nature a significant internal inductance. In case of any external load (including human body) this leads with increasing speed and frequency also to an increasing voltage drop in the dynamo. This limits the terminal voltage and the current although bike speed an internal EMF increase. For decades this feature allows to operate classical 6V-bulbs without any control electronics and brings also intrinsic safety. State-of-the art LED-light-electronics are designed to be supplied with this limited power, variable frequency AC-source. For systems like Forumslader this is not sufficient. Therefore at first Forumslader has to compensate the internal inductance with an external capacitor (for a certain frequency/speed range) followed by the rectifier diodes.