Take a bicycle with local train?

Posted by: Szymon

Take a bicycle with local train? - 04/10/18 07:59 PM

Czesc - Servus!

It is my first post here - nice to find this place smile

Could you help me, please? I am not sure what should I do if I want to take a bicycle on local train in Germany.

We are going to cycle Main-Radweg in May. And I need to buy ticket for us and our bicycles. Because we are going to use local trains ("Nur Nahverkehr" when searching) I can't buy bicycle ticket with bahn.de.

I have found also this page:


... but even with Google Translate it's not clear for me.

Summarizing tongue - how can I buy online a ticket from Berlin to Bayreuth for us and our bicycles? :]

Thanks! :]