The Weddiing-Trip - Bike4Peace, Paris to Lyon

Posted by: _alexandros_

The Weddiing-Trip - Bike4Peace, Paris to Lyon - 08/26/15 09:41 PM

Hi guys,

hope you are all fine.
My last trip was emotional hard. I traveled with Anna Powdrill from Culture Exchange in Novi Sad to Graz in Austria.
But before I was coming by train to Serbia and all these refugees made me clear, that Europe has a problem to face. A serious one.

The next trip is kind of same from the km, like the last one. Around 550 km.

See here some nice images of the bike,

And this trip is for sure more sunny and covered by good vibes.
I mean, I will cylce to my own wedding... Peace

Enjoy and may we cross each other on the road.