Re: Bordercrossing between Mongolia & Russia.

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Re: Bordercrossing between Mongolia & Russia. - 06/20/15 05:44 PM

there is a quite similar discussion going on here
Grenzübergang Russland Mongolei? (Länder)

Currently there are 3 borders open to foreigners:

Tashanta/Tsaagannuur in the far west - quite appropriate if you want to visit the Altai mountains and want to see a lot of Mongolia (UB is about 1700km away)

Altanbulag in the centre of Mongolia - just 300km away from UB, some major sights of Mongolia are quite easy accessible from there

Erencav in the east - don't know much about it. The scenery is flat grasslands, the only major town around is Choibalsan (but nothing quite worth visting)