Hi all,

Researching a trip from Lahasa, Tibet, through Nepal to Kolkata in India, in a group of about four.

We are looking to start the ride in late August, and cycle for about 32 of 50 days, to allow for sickness, problems, and sightseeing. I know this puts us in line for some rain once in Nepal.

I am just starting to read 'Himalayan Passage' by Jeremy Schmidt to give me some background. The main organiser has been looking at 'Tibet Overland', a trailblazer guide by Kym McConnell, which I have been having trouble finding in Melbourne, Australia.

I would be grateful for any advice. For instance, what is the road surface like? Schmidt warns that the roads around Burang in Tibet are awful, stones, dust etc, and that cycling is more trouble than it is worth..."the road surface is so demanding you can't look at the scenery. Glance up for a moment, and your bike goes off the road", he wrote of his 1987 trip. Is the Friendship Highway as bad as that?

Any tips on other travel cycling info websites?

Thanks for any help,