Dear Szymon (and all),

thank you very much indeed for the recommendation - I took the chance to check out the new route between Siekierki and Gryfino last weekend.
It's really good by all standards and was very enjoyable (with the notable exception of some rather bumpy kilometers after Trzcinsko-Zdroj). I was also pleasantly surprised to see that the new route is being actively used by tourists and locals alike.

While it is true that it can be a problem to find a warm meal along the route, there's still enough supermarkets with comfortable opening hours not to let you starve. It also looks like the commentator on your website was right (if I understood correctly) about a few rooms being available for overnight stays in the centre of Trzinsko-Zdroj.

I can't wait to see the bridge open and connect it to the Oderbruchbahn-Radweg...

All the best,