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#1072247 - 07.10.14 15:03 Feb - April '15 Southeastasia
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Hello together,

this year in February I meet spontanously two girls and a guy via the website Joinmytrip.de and together we rocked Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam by bicycle. The journey was for 2 months and we got many amazing experiences.
There is a travel report in this forum (in German) and some movies: [LINK]

Next year in February I want to continue from the spot, I finished last time: Hanoi in Vietnam.

I just have some destinations in my head: In Vietnam there are two to-dos for me: Halong Bay and Sapa mountain trekking. After that, moving to the north of Laos (there are some typical and interesting spots, too) and through the north of Thailand. Now the exciting part: Myanmar/Burma, direction South and Malaysia. If and how much is possible in 6-8 weeks, we will see. The way is the destination and I don't want to cycle all the time (see below).

I'm a master student of physics in Germany / Saxony and next year I will be called "old" with 30 years. This travel will be my goodbye from the youth! Haha, not really, the next years will be the same like before smile
My English is well, and my native language is, of course, German. I can speak a little bit Spain, but not much. I'm open minded to increase my knowledge at this point smile As I told before, It's not my first cycling tour, so I'm no long-distance-newbie. My condition is good, it's no problem to cycle more than 100km per day for me. But then I like to stay at interesting spots and catch the moments of happiness.

It would be good if you have a good condition too, be an open minded person and have no fear against new experiences. Besides cycling I like the unknown, spots away from mass tourism, diving, mountain trekking, climbing and other crazy things. I'm no vegan / vegetarian and like to drink beer laugh
It should be no problem to get new contacts in Asia, so generally I would have no problem to cycle alone. But, travelling together with other people is more interesting, versatile and, of course, more safe!

Write me, if you are interested,
Regards, Eric

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